Why Choose HeartStrings

Inclusive Pricing

Two packages in which to pamper your pet
We believe that your pets should have the best accommodations available without extra expense. Although we do offer a few upgrades with our Premium Package, we have chosen to provide the comfort items at no additional cost. (Kuranda Beds with lambskin blanket, unlimited playtimes and fun Puppy Playground equipment.)

Nutritious Food and Drink

Water is a basic need when you are romping around playing all day. We provide clean, fresh, filtered water to all our guests.

We encourage you to bring your pet’s favorite food with them for their stay; however, we do provide a premium brand food if needed. When bringing your own food, please have it clearly marked with your pet’s first and last name and please bring only enough to last the length of their stay with us.  Please bring in ziplock bags/tote Bags that will fit in our kitchen.  Any oversized containers/bags will be assessed a $30 oversize fee.

Multi-Pet Affordability

We offer a 10% discount for additional pets from the same pet family sharing the same suite. If multiple pets are staying together, we will help you determine the correct size of suite to ensure the utmost safety and comfort.

Resort Tours

We agree that is it very important to be able to tour the facility in which you will entrust your family pet. Please feel free to come in for a tour any time during our office hours. We will be happy to show you around and brag about our many amenities.

Playtime For All Guests

Every pet, whether staying overnight or just here for the day will enjoy our all day playgroup. Playgroups are supervised to ensure safety and to allow our guests to relax and socialize. We have scheduled nap times where we will dim the lights and allow for a calm environment in order for our guests to prepare for the next round of exercise and play.

Bedding and Comfort Items

All of our overnight guests will have a Kuranda Bed and warm lambskin blanket in which to snuggle. Please feel free to bring a bed, blanket and/or toy from home. Our fur-babies feel more relaxed when they smell and feel the comforts of home.

Bedtime Snack

Each night our guests will be given their “bedtime” snack and a “Goodnight” from a loving staff member. They will be so tired from their day time play they will fall right to sleep.

Fully Trained Staff

Staff members are Pet CPR & First Aid certified.